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Celebrating 11 Years of Broadcasting!   WDAB Stations are broadcasting in mp3PRO.    Be sure to use a mp3PRO compatible player to take advantage of near CD quality audio!          

WDAB is Leaving the Air January 31, 2016

Recently, the Copyright Royalty Board, the governing entity for establishing the sound recording royalty rates that are paid to copyright holders, has published the new rates for 2016-20. The previous provisions for small webcasters to opt for a percentage of revenue model were not renewed.
The current provisions end at the end of 2015. The absence of this license will make legally streaming copyrighted musical content prohibitively expensive for Westworld Digital Audio Broadcasting Inc. (WDAB)
Because the CRB ruling handed down in December, 2015 did NOT renew or address the expiration of the small webcaster percentage of revenue plans, WDAB will be leaving the AIR on January 31, 2016.
We are currently investigating other options for our Independent Artists Venue Broadcast and plan on returning to the air as soon as possible.
We will miss you and thanks to everyone who has supported our broadcasts over the past 11 years. It is very much appreciated!

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Listen !   Wide Variety 70s Thru Today
Wide Variety
70s - Today
Listen !   Independent Artists Venue
Artists Venue
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Wide Variety 70s Thru Today Broadcast
Independent Artists Venue Broadcast
Club Electronica Broadcast

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Guitar Lessons by Paul Esch
Guitar Lessons by Paul Esch

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Golden Radio
Midwest Broadcast Engineering, Inc.
Pete Mitchell alias Stratmaster
Broadcasting around the world from the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul USA, welcome to Westworld Digital Audio Broadcasting!

Westworld targets a wide spectrum of audiences by presenting wide bandwidth online radio broadcasts with diversified genres for your listening pleasure. Our *Independent Artists Venue Broadcast provides a conduit for Indie Artists to present their material to listeners around the world. The Programming section of this site provides more information.

We believe that variety in programming material is essential to peak the listener’s interest and provide the most attractive presentation. Our Program Director is tasked with tastefully updating the station play lists on a regular basis.
        As Broadcast Engineers, we embrace the concept of continually assessing and implementing technical and program-related improvements. We are perfectionists, and whether it’s Major Market AM & FM or Internet Radio, we are driven to deliver unsurpassed quality in broadcasting.

WDAB Internet Radio Stations broadcast 24 hours a day and currently stream in 64 Kbps / 44.1 kHz mp3PRO Stereo format. This design supports an excellent balance between audio quality and resource efficiency. A high-speed connection is required.

Westworld Digital Audio Broadcasting incorporates “The Worlds Largest Internet Radio Network” Live365.com as our gateway to the Internet. Sign-up is easy and best of all its FREE!


Listen !   Wide Variety 70s Thru Today  Wide Variety 70s Thru Today     

Our Wide Variety 70s Thru Today Broadcast is a compilation of mainstream artists coupled with various alternative and independent performances.

The format is diversified, not restricted to any specific genre and includes but is not limited to Blues, Christian, Classic Rock, Classic Soul, Disco, Folk, Funk, Hard Rock, Jazz, Metal, New Age, Pop, Progressive Jazz, R&B, Reggae, Soft Rock and Techno. We also feature '60s Tracks and One-Hit Wonders. This approach results in a wider variety of music styles, enhancing the listening experience.

Total Running Time 41:51
638 Tracks

Listen !   Independent Artists Venue  Independent Artists Venue     

The Independent Artists Venue Broadcast is strictly dedicated to just that: *Independent Artists and an avenue for their music to be introduced to a wide span of listeners. In addition, Westworld presents exclusive live-in-studio / field-recorded interviews and performances with selected artists.

No mainstream major label artists in this venue! You’ll hear only fresh new creative talent without restrictions on music styles or formats. Pour a glass of your favorite refreshment, tune-in and relax. By the way, only main-floor front-row seating is available.

Total Running Time 10:34
169 Tracks

Listen !   Club Electronica  Club Electronica     

With an emphasis on Techno, WDAB Club Electronica offers a blend of Breakbeat, Circuit, Dance, Electronic, House, Industrial, Progressive, Techno, Trance and more, featuring DJ Mixes and Independent Artists performances.

Dance all night! Crank up the volume to eleven and blow-out your speakers!

Total Running Time 10:56
102 Tracks

Program Director
MonicaArtists interested in airing their material on WDAB Radio are invited to contact Monica our Program Director for broadcast consent information. After reviewing for compliance, your tracks will be added to the Westworld station play list line-up for airing.         Listener comments, suggestions and track recommendations are also welcome. We value our relationships with listeners and realize that without them our efforts would be wasted. Your input continues to prove invaluable and will help Westworld to determine future implementation with respect to programming. Feel free to contact Monica at pd@wdab.com.

Artist Spotlight

Paul "Wallace" Esch

Paul Wallace EschGrowing up on a healthy diet of Blues, Heavy Metal, Classical and Flamenco, Paul "Wallace" Esch began teaching guitar and basic music theory at age 16, only one year after taking lessons. He continued his studies into college, where he traveled through Europe to study Ethnomusicology and Composition.   More>>>>

Chuck Eaton

Chuck EatonA new name emerges on the pop music. Chuck Eaton comes with a large experience of 30 years to introduce his CD called “One Million words”. It must have been a long time, but the result is what really matters and this is a worthy of respect work. - “It’s not so hard to write a song but it’s impossible to please everyone, therefore I chose the pop style to the people about my age.   More>>>>

Jennifer Berdetta

Jennifer BerdettaBorn & raised in NJ, Jennifer's early passion for music began while listening to some of our greatest storytellers, The Beatles, James Taylor & Carole King. At an early age, being raised by her grandparents, she was exposed to Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra & Billie Holiday. Around this time Jennifer began performing & singing for anybody who'd listen!   More>>>>

Pete Mitchell alias Stratmaster

Pete Mitchell alias StratmasterPete Mitchell alias Stratmaster is from the UK. In the 1970’s he jammed with Muddy Waters, while working with his own band ‘Special Brew’ which included Roger Giffin from ‘The Magic Mushroom Band'. With this band, he was playing all the UK college circuits as well as the bars and clubs. He was signed to Dick James Music in London.   More>>>>

Hans York

Hans YorkGerman-born, Seattle-based, Award winning singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Hans York has quickly made himself a name as an extraordinary DADGAD player and strong, engaging performer with a distinctive style and an irrepressibly delightful and approachable manner. His intimate and distinctive voice draws comparisons to   More>>>>
Ashley Garland

Ashley GarlandLife has been a whirlwind for Ashley... from radio to stage performances! Beginning her career as a gymnast and winning state honors, she soon was drawn to music. While studying piano, guitar, and voice she enjoyed participating in her high school choir and earned roles in Chicago productions of off-Broadway musicals.   More>>>>

Album Cover Art
Displaying randomly selected album covers from the Westworld library. This display represents only a fraction of the albums that are aired on our broadcasts. From time-to-time new covers are added to the lineup. You may refresh your browser to view the next random album. For further information or if you wish to purchase the current album on display, click on the image and you will be forwarded to Amazon.com. To recommend the addition of a track(s) to the play list of either WDAB station, please contact Monica our program director at pd@wdab.com.        
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